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Position Papers II Ex Deus Maquina Sovereign Citizen Periander Lycurgus MOCM Pt. II

David Nollmeyer

Position Paper

The construction of MOEC is no more than a novel elaboration of a Defection Model based on Prisoner's Dilemma. Current Positive law statutes as RICO will adequately gain secure convictions. These statutes should be strengthened. MOEC is also designed as an artificial religion as Scientology. It is religion in disguise. It is Irrationalist with provocateurs being first sent in to social wreck. The following excerpt is from Origin. An original book based on a briefing I was given over twenty years ago in June 1987.

The Paradigm of Laws:

  • I. The eternal law

  • II. The natural law

  • III. The positive law

  • The eternal law is the mind of the Ruler Supreme equating to Divine Government thus binding the living being to final salvation and judgment.

    The natural law is the law of nature proper, of Mother Nature as some have called her. This according to the theologian concludes that intelligence and consciousness are limited by contact with matter by man’s birth in nature. The gift of intelligence, reason, must be used to elevate oneself to an understanding of the eternal law.

    The empirical scientist does not accept this metaphysical position as this pertains to the eternal law. The scientist will accept only what is fully demonstratable. This is also an argumentive process of the natural reason which can be stated in equivalence to the natural law as has been done by other great masters as Aquinas.

    The positive law is the human law. It is the great constitutions of man, governments both theistic and secular, written and promulgated for all by the sovereign.

    The thinking being such, if there is a spiritual right, there is a natural right. If there is a natural right there needs be a law to protect it. This should be kept whole and conserved by the law and held cumulatatively. This is as the legal right of the commonwealth. These spiritual rights, these natural rights become the positive having been set forth in the great constitutions that have risen by will of God or man’s own.

    This morality, hence the giving up of some freedom by one individual to the many to preserve the freedom, rights that existed in the state of nature and spiritual creation, (theistic and metaphysical if the debate permits) is a right protected by a law, a series of laws as adequate in the positive constitutions.

    This was information was studied and heard by Man whom compiled such into Particular History and Justice.

    To be complete in one’s activity, man needs a moral proposition to guide one’s mental and physical activity to its final end.

    As stated the three stated laws comprise the essence of the consequent laws. Man has historically claimed perfection in consciousness, intelligence, relative to one or all in the erecting of the state.

    This precludes the necessity of another model, one of constitutions which is predominately Aristotelian in its origin.




    Kings have claimed descendency from God to rule, this within their own demonstration or the sanction of the priesthood. This is the rule of the best man.

    The aristocracy having laid a claim to rule by virtue of the qualification of having the best births, education, and so forth, the familiar histories of service, members inclusive of peerage, legislators, lawyers, doctors, owners of land, business, and the priesthood; this wealth excludes them from the temptation to abuse power. Such are the claims of the aristocracy to power.

    The democrat’s claim lies in freedom. As men seem to be spawned of a similar birthing, they are all equal. If man was equal at his birthing, then all men are equal. If man was equal at his birthing, he is equal in all things. If he is equal in the greatest thing, man’s freedom, than he shall be equal in all things similar. This democrats claim to know greater. The fact that the mind’s of many men are greater than the minds of a few or one man add to the claims the democrats make to rule.

    To begin earnestly in this argument is to order a will, to begin a mobilization. One may establish their claims to rule and choose the intellectual model practical.

    A moral claim to rule may be pure. If this is the case it is orthodox, usually a theistic argument but not necessarily true. This argument is basically deemed to be infallible in the strictest definition. Once revealed it is held to be true and not subject to revision.

    A moral claim to rule may be mixed. It may contain theistic as well as scientific arguments. It may be amendable. This claim contains a revisionist tendency. This lends a greater credence to revolution. In the particular case the latter was taken in regards to the former.

    Copyright by David Nollmeyer

    Higher Structural Levels of Cognition

    At this aperture we must introduce the Concept Of Higher Structural Levels of Cognition. This is similar to the childhood parable of The Blind Man and the Elephant. A System is understood completely by the level that has the greatest cognition and control over its subcomponents.

    A fugue has parts:

    1. Subject - Motif that is embellished
    2. Counter Motif - Usually written as a Dominant of the Subject
    3. Exposition - The beginning development of manipulation of the Motif
    4. Sections - ABA this is the standard form of a sonata
    5. Whole Piece

    Here we can see comprehending the whole piece of the song is provides the greatest unity of cognition of the structure as a system. In jurisprudence a confession by the authorship of the origination of an illegal act is greatest. The criminal knows his own crime.


    The Alienation of the Individual is an important perspective to comprehending many social systems models. I will consider such here mainly in the stance taken by a cell of Los Angeles Police Department, California, and myself.

    At a higher structural level I argue that Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom has most likely designed this event. I will not attack such here because the chance of getting any sound legal opportunity is decreased.

    One facet of Totalitarianism is that such seeks to isolate the individual or collective incommunicado from the whole. This is artificial alienation or the feeling that one is not offered an equal opportunity, recognition, and dignity by the whole in one’s social setting.

    Here one has to consider the identity of LAPD. They are homosexual or bisexual police officers. There are perhaps twenty plus in the main cell and 160 in other cells of the department itself which is commandeered by Chief William Bratton at the present.

    A consideration to be deliberated on now is the Theory of Extinction. This states that a species will become extinct due to a static role in open texture. One could argue that the Dodo bird became extinct because it did not have an aversion to humans. Portuguese explorers eventually drove the awkward bird into extinction. This is a static role. The continuum of weather systems is open. Dinosaurs perhaps during a cataclysm as a meteor strike may not of had the intelligence or the motility to escape a global freezing event.

    Here we have to examine the needs of human life. One needs four essential elements to sustain or survive:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Reproduction
  • One could argue the fourth as optional for the individual but essential for the continuation of species life.

    Here the next issue is the role of heterosexuality and homosexuality. I am going to argue bisexuality, transgender, and other issues herein taken as LGBTi. This is current as of this writing and it too is in open texture and will most likely evolve.

    The rule of law is of utmost importance. Is the cosmos and the world of our experience being upheld by laws? Do we have to obey to such laws? Can humans amend these laws?

    In short LAPD is committing a fallacy of ad baculum, rule of force, and loving one’s self by accident.

    The military and police are agents of social control. The police are a para-military designed structure. In advanced Homeland Security Systems the Military is used to defend the borders of the state and the citizens from attack. Military and policing are separate but are converging. In many simple systems the police are curtained heightened threats may be converted into the military. Hence, they return to their stations and pick up heavy armor and their command structures may or may not be changed.

    The main legal document of the United States is the United States Constitution.

    Bill of Rights

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Amendment II

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Amendment III

    No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

    Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Amendment V

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    Amendment VI

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

    Amendment VII

    In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

    Amendment VIII

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Amendment IX

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    Amendment X

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

    LAPD has attempted to negate the concept of inherent rights for the individual and instead become fatalistic. This places the citizenry as dependent.

    Such are gradually marginalized or killed of at the discretion of the security force or military, police, and agents.

    I seek only to remedy my situation through civil or criminal proceeding through laws and the courts not by defection to de facto members.

    Prisoner's Dilemma

    In MOEC the main concept is to substitute three levels of laws to the authorship and agents. This would be Cambridge Law School (which is based on those claiming to be LAPD) and LAPD in this country. Here the concepts of positive law are mainly being discerned fro now.

    In this instance under racketeered influence behaviors individuals who are natural persons living in a state as per se Americans in the United States are given choices or intimidated into accepting the opportunities that are presented by LAPD. This will affects one's status as a citizen or criminal.

    LAPD will use either legal or de facto tactics to reconcile while remaining impugn from prosecution. In this sense the standing sovereignity in the state is deteriorated.

    The racketeering of drugs is a favorite target for this time period.

    A simple analogy that reflects the zeitgeist should be read here Sovereign Citizen Relations in Prisoners Dilemma.

    Many points in this article may be difficult to understand without a background in the elementary concepts of game theory.

    Will two prisoners cooperate to minimize total loss of liberty or will one of them, trusting the other to cooperate, betray him so as to go free?

    In game theory, the prisoner's dilemma is a type of non-zero-sum game in which two players can "cooperate" with or "defect" (i.e. betray) the other player. In this game, as in all game theory, the only concern of each individual player ("prisoner") is maximizing his/her own payoff, without any concern for the other player's payoff. In the classic form of this game, cooperating is strictly dominated by defecting, so that the only possible equilibrium for the game is for all players to defect. In simpler terms, no matter what the other player does, one player will always gain a greater payoff by playing defect. Since in any situation playing defect is more beneficial than cooperating, all rational players will play defect.

    The unique equilibrium for this game is a Pareto-suboptimal solution—that is, rational choice leads the two players to both play defect even though each player's individual reward would be greater if they both played cooperate. In equilibrium, each prisoner chooses to defect even though both would be better off by cooperating, hence the dilemma.

    In the iterated prisoner's dilemma the game is played repeatedly. Thus each player has an opportunity to "punish" the other player for previous non-cooperative play. Cooperation may then arise as an equilibrium outcome. The incentive to defect is overcome by the threat of punishment, leading to the possibility of a cooperative outcome. If the game result is infinitely repeated, cooperation may be a Nash equilibrium although both players defecting always remains an equilibrium.

    The classical prisoner's dilemma

    The Prisoner's dilemma was originally framed by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher working at RAND in 1950. Albert W. Tucker formalized the game with prison sentence payoffs and gave it the "Prisoner's Dilemma" name (Poundstone, 1992).

    The classical prisoner's dilemma (PD) is as follows:

    Two suspects, A and B, are arrested by the police. The police have insufficient evidence for a conviction, and, having separated both prisoners, visit each of them to offer the same deal: if one testifies for the prosecution against the other and the other remains silent, the betrayer goes free and the silent accomplice receives the full 10-year sentence. If both stay silent, both prisoners are sentenced to only six months in jail for a minor charge. If each betrays the other, each receives a two-year sentence. Each prisoner must make the choice of whether to betray the other or to remain silent. However, neither prisoner knows for sure what choice the other prisoner will make. So this dilemma poses the question: How should the prisoners act?

    The dilemma can be summarized thus:

    Prisoner B Stays Silent

    Prisoner B Betrays

    Prisoner A Stays Silent

    Each serves six months

    Prisoner A serves ten years
    Prisoner B goes free

    Prisoner A Betrays

    Prisoner A goes free
    Prisoner B serves ten years

    Each serves two years

    The dilemma arises when one assumes that both prisoners only care about minimizing their own jail terms. Each prisoner has two options: to cooperate with his accomplice and stay quiet, or to defect from their implied pact and betray his accomplice in return for a lighter sentence. The outcome of each choice depends on the choice of the accomplice, but each prisoner must choose without knowing what his accomplice has chosen to do.

    Let's assume the protagonist prisoner is working out his best move. If his partner stays quiet, his best move is to betray as he then walks free instead of receiving the minor sentence. If his partner betrays, his best move is still to betray, as by doing it he receives a relatively lesser sentence than staying silent. At the same time, the other prisoner's thinking would also have arrived at the same conclusion and would therefore also betray.

    If reasoned from the perspective of the optimal outcome for the group (of two prisoners), the correct choice would be for both prisoners to cooperate with each other (both staying silent), as this would reduce the total jail time served by the group to one year total. Any other decision would be worse for the two prisoners considered together. When the prisoners both betray each other, each prisoner achieves a worse outcome than if they had cooperated.

    This demonstrates very elegantly that in a non-zero sum game a Pareto optimum and the Nash Equilibrium can be opposite. In other words, that a non-zero sum game may not have a solution that is both optimal and stable; a Pareto optimum can be unstable and the Nash equilibrium can be sub-optimal.

    Alternately, the "Stay Silent" and "Betray" strategies may be known as "don't confess" and "confess", or the more standard "cooperate" and "defect", respectively.'s_dilemma

    The Use of Chemical Agents

    The use of chemical agents is designed to intimidate and then criminalize resorting in blackmail and extortion. The process is applied usually to a person accused of a crime. Eventually all those persons attempting to aid this person are criminalized by the impugn movers which are usually at least paramilitary.

    Here we will use a de facto police agency and the Bill of Rights. A ring leader of a militant cell will attach a spray of chemicals, hydrochloric acid to the First Amendment which is the Key Amendment. This is an intent. He then follows a pattern I-5-4-6-8-2-3-7-9. A suspect who is accused of a crime attempts to seek legal recourse through the Bill Of Rights.

    As soon as he does a policeman drives around his home with a mixture of acid in his car. This will create SCORCHED EARTH. The policeman is guilty. As the person begins to seek lawyers. The acid mixture is sprayed in ventilation systems of his house and neighbors as well as the lawyers and the court buildings.

    Eventual a pattern is fulfilled where all four essential elements to sustain or survive are sprayed:





    Instead of the Rule of Law defection to the rogue cell of policeman develops. In analysis one's civil rights are freedoms placed over one's natural existence by a legislator. The defection and chemical assault are also placed over one by a third actor.

    This tactic is also use on three forms of law:

    The Paradigm of Laws:

  • I. The eternal law
  • II. The natural law
  • III. The positive law
  • This will create a police state over the interpretation of these three laws.

    A very sinister variant of this tactic is in use. It is the attachment of a crime to another crime. This creates a double crime against standing positive law. The chemical agent is applied to an illegal event as marijuana. If one has marijuana for sale the police will spray a portion and one has to sell it. If the dealer does not he will get arrested. The crime keeps one free, hence the chemical spray. One has rights and this is the basis for justice.

    Here the spray is attached to other objects. I know for a fact that libertarian objects as gambling and prostitution are targeted. The end result is that all economics turns into a system of racketeering.


    The following models are alleged to be the design of Cambridge Law School members. They are the authorship and the higher structural movers. Organizing a conspiracy in this manner is also a part of the systems defense mechanism. In a positive law court it would be easier to gain a dismissal due to fanciful and frivolous claims.

    Defection will begin from this level. It is likely that the authorship is dead. They are alleged to have been alive around the 1930s to near 1950s. Persons would be loyal to their work as if such were a constitution.






    Basic Outline of MOEC  

    The following is a small outline of a from the preface of a text Myth of the Contemporary Man. It demonstrates some of the complexity that this conspiracy has achieved. In degree I know find such as defense mechanism for the authorship hoping to dismiss legal movements as fanaticism. The development of a cell should lead to a tissue, an organ, and so forth. Here we have the development of complex systems with an a system, here an artificial organism. I believe it was intended as an Antichrist Myth. As seen it also could also lead to a spiritual city.

    Herein shall be presented a small outline of the Origin model as a neo-structualist complex:

    I. Origin

    A. Origin is Cambridge Law School circa 1850’sVictoria in continuation of various entrapment and defection models.

    1. This material is developed as state planning.

    2. This material is developed as a perpetual association.

    B. Primary mover – The head of Cambridge Law School late 1850’s. His voice is heard taped electronically. (Is there more than one?)

    1. This individual(s) definitely is the most powerful actor(s).

    2. Oedipal Complex as first in genus and specie

    C. Secondary mover(s) – The Little One, Cambridge Law School lawyers (CLS) (Native Americans – Indigenous – this is Social Darwinism but only abstracted in practice)

    1. Gametes – informants

    2. Germ plasm – Lenin

    3. Mutation – Stalin

    4. Voice synthesizer used to imitate hand and others

    5. Species as Oedipal and Electra Complexes

    D. Agents – Informants

    1. Exists mainly in Maze

    2. Construct of TPSYS and TPS

    3. Imposed over perspective of deity and nature

    E. Object – True Spiritual City

    F. Terminus

    The Artificial Virus

    As stated MOEC is a defection model that also has been designed as a religion. This begins as a cell that encompasses the experiment space of the defection model here are the basic subcomponents. The design at hand demonstrates the amount of time the authorship had in developing the conspiracy. What is odd is that such is designed as an artificial man but this cell is considered a neuron. There is no direct relationship with biology.

    I will have to explain the cell slowly over time. It would take a good twenty pages to do so in detail.

    The police implementing the entrapment are the Totalitarian Police System (TPSys). The end state or equilibrium where all will reside is the Totalitarian Police State (TPS).

    This is a WRECKING MODEL. Varna Asrama is an Ideal Social System based on the Vedas. Control is the cell wall and suprasystem all the other subcomponents can operate on one another to achieve transformations the mover wish to retain control.

    • Control - This is the cell wall. All social systems have control as part of a mission goal. The military and police are the agents of social control. Here this is achieved by defection. Real rule of law is possible but will always be in disintegration dues to self interest and defection.

    • Particular History and Justice - A combination of events that are historical and supply a basis for justice. Here events as slavery are used as a basis for leveling. This is reality oppression and marginalization. Genealogy and family history are used to redistribute the benefits of the state. Arranging marriages and the like occur from here.

    • Parameters - This a wall were events take there body from PHJ. This is an analogy to Tatasha Shakti of the Vedas. In reality this is the time, space, and elements of the defection (entrapment) that the police are attempting to implement.

    • Maze - Space time. This is the largest space. This is the environment with the Police operating on you. One is under defection and are  being entrapped.

    • Consciousness - This is one's awareness of what is going on. This is stated in the positive.

    • Rationality - One's ability to make moral decisions based on deduction and induction.

    • Behaviorism - This is one's external relationship with the environment.

    • Atomization - This is returning to the elements of nature. This is also the complete fallacy of composition as to claim that 1% of a 100% is the subject and not the accident of a case.

    • Varna Asrama - Ideal Vedic Social System - Any ideal state or end state may be used that is collective



    Particular History and Justice

    Parameters                                    Maze                                       Consciousness

                                        Rationality                               Behaviorism

                                                        Atomization                             Varna Asrama


    What one has at hand is an attack on humans and nation states with the Vedas as a foil. An input of the system is a Holon. One can follow a Holon as the subcomponents of the system transform the Holon.

    An example can be the passing of a letter into a mail box and have it processed to the receiver.

    From this position of an exploded view we can deduce that the model was conceived in a table with rows or columns. Generally a Holon, Such may be a person, I will use my self as example when entrapped by TPSys would enter Particular History and Justice then receive elements of the entrapment from Parameters. One would then be in Maze. After interacting with the police he would develop Consciousness this maybe + or -. This is usually marginalization. One is most likely only in Rationality. One will develop a repertoire to survive which is Behaviorism. if unsuccessful one is dead and has been Atomized. If pure one can develop an Ideal States as Varna Asrama.

    One can also examine the develop vertically in a column. Maze - Rationality - Atomization and Consciousness - Rationality - Varna Asrama.

    Any religion or faith may be used. The Vedas are my faith and this would have been located in PHJ and applied.

    Here we come to an understanding that there is evidence that Cambridge Law School is behind the authorship and is the Origin. Trinity School is the Department of Theology and Philosophy for Cambridge

    It appears a deep knowledge of Greek philosophy and tyranny helped develop the model. Cambridge Law School would have been the final authority.

    The Ghost in the Machine and Holons 1-10

    The Ghost in the Machine describes a debate acted out between the Philosophy and Law Department of Cambridge University. Holons 1-10 are a flow chart or schematic of a third party hostaging model that is a reduction of MOEC. It is no more than what a relay is in Law enforcement.

    The Ghost in the Machine is debate encompassing Absolute versus Relative Morality. The intent was to design a culture.

    The argument of whether there is God and one's individual and collective relationship to such. Epistemology was most likely a model. Hence food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction would follow.

    The use of a chemical tag develops from a chemical assault to a scorched earth campaign. IT IS DESIGNED TO EXTINCT GENEALOGIES OF THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH TO DEFECT AND ACCEPT STATE PLANNING THAT IS BASED ON AN EUGENIC LGBTi DESIGN. The tags are inherited from father to son, mother to daughter, and parent to sibling.

    Another important facet of this debate is the argument of having women and homosexuals in the military. This is an old classical political philosophy argument. The discussion will involve extortion and blackmail. In this regards alcohol, drug use, as well as prostitution are brought up.

    Hence should a top level security clearance be given to a LGBTi member? What is the consideration for past drug users? Should a person with extra-marital affairs be given clearance?

    This basic model, The Ghost in the Machine distributes work in a downward manner to protect the authorship. This is an act then of distributive and associative justice.

    The imperative at the present is to discern why and whom ordered the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

    If per se there were five members of the Philosophy Department and five members of the Law School who and how did this individual order The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth in Fractals? How did these fractals of the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth get imposed over natural persons and territories? Why did a natural person and citizen have the Scorched Earth imposed over racketeering tactics.

    If one member of one team initiated the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, why did the other nine go along with this activity? It appears that the original creation and brainstorming of theses tactics were in place as blackmail, extortion, intimidation and murder.

    In continuation how did Scotland Yard and LAPD become involved as lower level scapegoats who would appear to be the Origin when they are the agents of the authorship?





    The four items are needed to fulfill species life which is procreation. Why are Homeland Security officers in the United States hence LAPD, handling and ordering an attack which is now Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth? There are two officers that had a defection pattern permitting them to attack then President Reagan. The officer that prestaged the attack was Periander (The Greek Midas Man). Periander subsequently  entrapped The Fly (Lord of the Flies). The Fly launched the attack on then President Ronald Reagan on June17, 1987. Dodo (named after and extinct bird) has continued the attack escalating events to cover surface water, running tap water, and product made in factories.

      Chemical - Assault Warfare

      Biological Warfare

      Nuclear Warfare

    As the debate evolved and the tagging of objects exists in a conspiracy to launch a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, how did LAPD become entangled and why did they participate instead of exposing this corruption? The other event that exists is invasive electronic surveillance and Gang or Mob Stalking.

    If one begins as a citizen why would this person submit to being recruited into a Perpetual Conspiratol Enterprise that is Treason. Empirically it is easier to recruit informants than to maintain citizens. Sex, jobs, drug dealing, and other forms of payment are openly accepted instead of maintaining the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    What now exists is Gender based Hate crime of LGBTi (same sex) versus Straight (opposite sex).

    Simple abstraction does not provide justice. LAPD does contain the cells of Gay Militants that accepted a criminal order instead of their duty stations. Consequently I do not have any substantive rights. Gang or Mob Stalking pits 90% of the population versus 10% of the population.

    The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is very efficient in destroying the value of tangible property. The consequent damage to health is also likely severe but undetermined.

    What is sure is that informant criminals and the remaining citizens will fight things out under a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth improvising whatever skills necessary from a damaged environment. Hence if I go to the store you have to buy with real money at least some or not all of the goods that I am forced to purchase.

    Here the Ghost in the Machine supports a degradation of persons to informants and their conflicts under autarky and marginalization while sworn officials as the president and governor look on tacitly as blackmailed and extorted informants themselves.

    It appears that the Philosophy department (Absolute Morality) defeated the Law School (Relative Morality). The power is the Law School under Prisoner's Dilemma.

    What will emerge is an analogy to the Cult of Apollo versus the Cult of Dionysus. Apollo is the antecedent for conservative western philosophy. Dionysus is the antecedent for liberal philosophy.

    In reality it appears that Dionysus is free for a thousand years until Apollo captures him and binds him. In the meantime the world is lead into a Bacchanal - In Pursuit of Dionysus.

    Dionysus Free

    In reduction Nuclear Blackmail will be achieved.

    At this point in history non-military grade chemical warfare is historically proven in blackmailing the United States President. The following presidents have been extorted and blackmailed.

    •  Ronald Reagan

    •  George H.W. Bush

    •  William Clinton

    •  George W. Bush

    •  Barack Obama

    Holons 1-10

    Holons 1-10 are one of the first clear models that are discernable in the manner of a flow chart or of the diagrams that are discernable in information theory. The Holons reflect a lottery, relay, what have you with a third party.

    In degree Number 4 takes a stone and threatens two. Number 3 is told he or she will be stoned unless Number 2 is operated on. Eventually Number 3 agrees. The two approach number and intimidate Number 2 with the same proposition. The target is number 1.

    Here we have Number 3 stating that he must operate on Number otherwise Number 4 will stone him. Number 2 states that he must operate on number one otherwise Numbers 3 and 4 will stone him.

    Number 1 is the victim. The point at this juncture is to have him attempt to retaliate against Number 4. This would only justify Number 4 organizing the entire event.

    This explanation is quite simplistic. Generally speaking Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are argued as guilty.

    I have already copyrighted the Holons up number seven. I have struggled over this for over seven years since 2000. It was disclosed that there were 9 or 10 Holons. The number 9 is used in relation novenas or the number of days that Jesus' followers waited outside of Jerusalem before entering. These prayers in modern times are usually seen in the classified ads of papers. They are popular with Catholics from Latin America.

    It is clear now that this is a trap. Most likely one would do is script one's own homicide. Number 1 cannot break any laws, hence pick up a stone illegally. He may only use self defense. Here we see an analogy to Christianity where Jesus Christ bears his cross. Jesus does does not have the numerical followers to defeat the Romans without acting as a God. He does the will of his Father and accepts his duty.

    In the original copyrighted version Holon II is Holon I. This is the main model. Holon V-VII may be variants of ideas (faith and material) and the use chemicals to hostage and punish.

    Homini homo lupus

    At this time I will not develop the other Holons. Holon 9 is supposed to be neo - Superstructure. In Leninist Superstructure religion is argued as a structure. This appears to be a variant of Liberation Theory that has been attempted by theologians in South America during the Sandinista - Shining Path era.

    Holon 10 may be one's own righteous consolidation hence the end of Prisoners Dilemma. Herein is an outline of Holon X. Cambridge University has embedded Holon X within Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing. Here it is also imperative that the legitimate LGBTi community must neutralize this defection model which is corrupt. Currently many gay activists reject Gay Triumphalism for a state by state approach for LGBTi rights. The inclusion of Holon X is a capstone to MOEC Theory. In degree a manifest function approach to direct complaints to competent authorities is more appropriate for criminal and civil prosecution. The esoteric conspiratol aspect is latent function and is difficult to prove without legal recognition. Westwood CA 6-13-2009

    Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

    This is a draft of most of the outline of Holon 10. This is quite important. The outline has been presented to the Whitehouse and is part of President Barack Obama's record. He is part of a System of a Perfect Dictator. His Change is no more than a rehashing of Thrasymachus and his Help our friends and harm our enemies doctrine. The only problem is defection and interests define this instead of rights. So Change means change polarities but still isolate persons outside the law.

    The LGBTi coalition will be drawn in on a greater scale. I have been emailing such every quarter. At this point polarization is so extreme that I will need proof that their sworn lawyers of the bar are condoning torture for whatever excuse. I started this paper almost two months ago. The weather has broke but sandstorms are quite severe and I am behind.

    David Nollmeyer

    Colorado River - April 2010

    Holon 10
    Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

    The entire entrapment of what is known as Mobilization of Empire and Civilization (MOEC) may be reduced to Holons within a Systems Approach. There are four main Holons. There are not more than 10 Holons. The 9th or 10th Holon is either a Neo-Superstructure acceptance of homosexuality or my personal perspective. This position was left open as it is existence depends on my personal empirical history.

    I am arguing and presenting that Holon 9 is the Neo-Superstructure acceptance of homosexuality. Since I was entrapped very heavily, I am writing Holon 10 Refutation of Gay Triumphalism in a full-blown Chemical Assault – Scorched along the Colorado River (beginning 2-4-2010, the model was discovered around the end of May, 2009).

    Superstructure is the name of a text by V.I. Lenin. What this mechanistic theory states is that God and non-material spirituality is no more than a projection of man over himself and civilization and is material itself over the structural and process world. The superstructure is no more than a materialist explanation of the organizing culture of faith to complete a theory of mechanism that explains innate phenomena from the atom to the entire cosmos.

    Homosexuality was not embraced by Marx or Lenin. It appears that the authors have designed a chronological dialectic to script Gay Triumphalism from at least the 1930s. This includes tagging with Chemical Assault towards a Scorched Earth which is occurring in continuo.

    This is the strongest theory to emerge to date (2010). In the United States there is a federal lawsuit arguing for Gay Marriage in San Francisco. President Barack Obama is beginning his case to end the Don't Ask – Don't Tell policy in the United States Armed Services.

    The first four Holons are no more than a basic outline of an extortion – blackmail ring with third party hostaging. It is possible for the so-called hostage to be part of the conspiracy. (This is desired by the perpetrators to use a female as a complicit hostage). This would originate from the alleged authors, Cambridge Law School and descend through the topology:

    1. Cambridge Law School

    2. Scotland Yard

    3. Los Angeles Police Department

    4. Baltimore Police Department

    5. Delaware State Police

    6. Baltimore Studio

    Hostaging of females, wives, and other persons and objects occurs to these actors. This is an attempt to constrain and extort performance from what are now organized as Homeland Security Officers. The Holons easily facilitate substitution of members to create complexity and different levels of organization. This is also consistent with theories of cognitive behaviorism. It has an evolution from strict behaviorism.

    The outline presented below is the one compiled at the end of May, 2009 in Big Pine, California. This outline has been used historically during a entrapment. The outline is presented in fragments and various parts to the individual being entrapped and persons in proximity. The first time I heard Gay Marriage in the sense that it is being used here was during 1978-79 in Dover, Delaware. I have heard the other parts of the outline throughout the years. This is the main reason I could not finish a presentation on the Holons. It took at least 32 years from my first cognizant recognition of it's existence to May of 2009 to complete it's discovery.

    This in reduction is MOEC. (The other basic Holons are copyrighted and preserved.)

    I believe the authorship scripted a Jewish socialist scholar to attempt an ethnographic study of what is occurring. This would be Holon 9 as developed by Cambridge Law School. I have emerged 100 percent heterosexual my entire life. This is based on my perspective of the Vedas and Natural Law.

    The attempt to develop various schematica branched out into a scripted flow chart has failed. So in degree my life and historic persecution is in Opposition to the Cambridge authorship. I am describing such as Irrationalist – Pre Fascist.

    The outline will need to be developed from empirical history. This will help facilitate an attempt to discern the modus operandi and damage done by so-called scholars attempting to script out a person's life under operative conditioning and cognitive behaviorism.

    Holon 10
    Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

    I. Cambridge Law School - Oxford Oxbridge

    A. It is likely that MOEC was designed by Cambridge Law School.

    1. Trinity College or a philosophy department had more expertise in classical tyranny. This was derived from Greek and Roman city states and empire.
    2. Cambridge was not the innovator of Gay Rights. The school in this instance adopts this posture in the 1930s.

    B. Gay Triumphalism has antecedents in Platonism or the Greek and Roman Deities. This can be treated as Historical Monarchialism. Hence a faith not a myth.

    1. A parallel treatment is Mechanism.
    2. Reduce all analysis to matter and secular humanism.

    II. Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing - Pre Gay Fascism

    A. State Planning and eugenics by de facto or criminal processes and structures.

    1. This runs parallel to real Gay Rights Movement degrading it.
    2. Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth tagged to Gay Triumphalism.

    B. Gay Triumphalism

    1. Gay Culture.
    a. Celebratory of LGBTi lifestyle.
    b. No significant difference from heterosexual lifestyle. More hedonistic, liberal, secular, artistic.

    2. Gay Marriage
    a. Legal same-sex marriage
    b. This may mean marrying into a LGBTi family by a heterosexual.

    C. Gay Placement

    1. Overwhelming concern with who is more gay. More same sex behavior.

    2. Inferiority complex in males of white European descent. A desire to place Asians, Latinos ahead in same-sex behaviors.

    D. Gay Majors

    1. This is particularly centered around UC Berkeley with a planned Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

    2. Being a LGBTi college student.

    3. This includes the teaching of the history of MOEC and the Scorched Earth - Chemical Assault.

    E. Gay Miracle

             1. Eventually coming out gay late in one’s life.

             2. Extending the attempt to expand Gay Triumphalism.

    III. Holon 10

    A. This completes a system of 10 Holons that develop the prisoner’s dilemma defection model.

    1. The intent was to develop a LGBTi victim to cover the event.

             2. This has failed. The model and the component of Gay Triumphalism is being refuted.

    B. Legal and Civil Means to Prosecute Principals and Co- Principals.

    1. Rico Structure


    David Nollmeyer

    Westwood CA



    Gay Triumphalism

    It is prudent now to develop my response. Holon 10 Refutation to Gay Triumphalism is in opposition to Cambridge Law School's Holon 9 Gay Triumphalism. It is clear that the entire entrapment was scripted with a built in differentiated ratio of failure. Neither a Gay or Straight (Heterosexual) Triumphalism has pure support on a mechanistic level. This set includes all members of the natural species homo sapiens. It is evident that some manner of eugenics was developed to simultaneously support and attack this idea in antagonistic motion. The object is deification of culture. This also builds in an exploit if needed as a contingency. This also has antecedents in the Classical Greek History and Faith (Apollo versus Dionysus). There is at least one Gay Triumphalist website or blog current. (This site does not support the totalitarianism and torture used here but a celebration of certain aspects of Gay Culture, in degree which are non-violent and non-fascist.)

    It appears the Trinity School has had one or more same sex oriented philosophers who was versed in the tactics of Greek Tyrannies. This appears to overlap the study of informal fallacies and predicate calculus or formal logic. This authorship appears to would have won a duel in understanding the espionage of city states and empire building over the Law School. In degree the mythology states even though the Law School lost it did not yield control or leadership but fused the philosophy of entrapment, this appears to be a bastardized but probably realistic use of the Spindle of Necessity and the Chord of Life. This is a linkage of Heaven to Earth where the Priests and Oracles direct the Centurions in entrapping the population in state planning, eugenics, and class stratification.

    The historical antecedents will lend themselves to a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization Structure (RICO). This also will result in what is currently being promoted as Gang Stalking – Mob – Stalking – Stalking. I mention this because there are support groups which are attempting to confront these elements.


    The Holons demonstrate a Higher Structural Level of Cognition where primary higher structural levels use lower structures to implement various components and materials of the conspiracy. The use of lower level provocateurs (corrupt police) to deliver entrapment scenarios in nexus with cognitive behaviorism - operant conditioning develops with abnormal speech patterns as deliberate equivocations. This guarantees inefficiency not optimization in a system. This permits less competent and criminal persons to eventually be served up to the courts while saving the authorship in the case of prosecutions.

    Differential Association focuses on communication as a sociological process of criminalization.

    I am a strict heterosexual under a re-emerging religious movement. This is the Gaudiya Sampradaya or Hare Krishna Movement. There are several branches or angas. The most notable is ISKCON. I am an independent ritvik Prabhupadanuga. I am outside of formal diksa ISKCON. There is a ritvik branch centered in Bangalore, India.

    Overall I will only support marriage between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. This means a marriage with an opposite sex partner. Here Male – Same Sex – Male, MSM or Woman - Same Sex – Woman is entirely out of the question. The police under a eugenic paradigm wish to increase the LGBTi population. The strongest option they would present me with or was would then be a bisexual – lesbian wife. This too, is not an option since I am committed to an orthodox Vedic interpretation of Garbhadana samskara or procreation of spiritual children. This at the current time will yield the Hare Krishna Movement (Gaudiya Sampradaya, not exclusively ISKCON as a subject to prove that Cambridge Law School has planned this Chemical Assault within the format that I am presenting as well as committed crimes against these parties through the mechanism of prisoner's dilemma and informants.

    I. Cambridge Law School - Oxford Oxbridge

    A. It is likely that MOEC was designed by Cambridge Law School.

    1. Trinity College or a philosophy department had more expertise in classical tyranny. This was derived from Greek an Roman city states and empire.
    2. Cambridge was not the innovator of Gay Rights. The school in this instance adopts this posture in the 1930s.

    B. Gay Triumphalism has antecedents in Platonism or the Greek and Roman Deities. This can be treated as Historical Monarchialism. Hence a faith not a myth.

    1. A parallel treatment is Mechanism.
    2. Reduce all analysis to matter and secular humanism.

    I was told after June 17, 1987 that Cambridge Law School was the Origin and authorship. This was by LAPD. I was in Dover, Delaware. These are also the latent functions. The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is the manifest function. This activity is severe with a censorship of 6.8 billion persons the upper boundary for similar activity in human history. The systematic patterns of defection in themselves are novel not original. They are based on the Classical Greek Tyrannies of Greece City States. The main structure is to alienate one individual. In lieu of the remaining population endeavoring to preserve this individual's rights they attack him as informants. In this manner it is possible on a simple percentage basis to alienate one person then proceed to eliminate the other 99 percent. Here the Racketeered Influence Corrupt Organization statutes of both domestic and international law should be invoked to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    Currently other persons who comprise other secondary levels of being the Focal Target are explaining their predicaments as Gang Stalking – Mob Stalking – Stalking. Much of the theory is based on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and marital dysfunction. I welcome this approach as it complements what I am proposing.

    The current level of defection ongoing worldwide needs considerable planning and defection of actors to perpetuate. It is clear that the United States is condoning a severe Crime Against Humanity in alienating my rights. The focus here is the Strategic Mission Goal (Same Sex Marriage) and the identification of Origin and Authorship. This will lead to prosecution, and systemization of the processes and structures of it's system. The material will then be taught at all levels from the Doctorate to Primary school displacing the censorship and sanitization that have proliferated over almost 24 years.

    The issue of Gay Triumphalism is complicated. Here it is possible that it gives a clue to the entrapment and scapegoating of LGBTi or Gay Militants. Cambridge University has had tenured arguably some of the finest scholars in the world. If they are implicated by name, as is hoped for here, the damage would be extremely severe for LGBTi interests.

    Triumphalism is not an articulated doctrine. It is postulated that certain belief systems or social systems argue themselves to be superior and will eventually emerge victorious over others. Another position here reflecting an opposite polarity in the LGBTi community is that Gay Triumphalism is negative and warns of overconfidence and hubris in the case of defeat.

    The first wave of LGBTi militants in this attack to surface are from LAPD. They are demonstrating an astonishing degree of lack of cognitive acuity. They are heavily dependent of the obstruction of justice and impunity. This is manifest by following a script by the authors. It is emerging as errors multiply. This clarifies observations that these actors and the informants they recruit were designed to be the scapegoats. Another major collorary is the blowback effect. Not only will Cambridge University authors be identified, but the entire LGBTi or Same Sex Marriage coalition is damaged. Sworn public officers who have been the benefactors of LGBTi interests are also implicated.

    It is true that heterosexual interests that have ritualistically accepted payoffs in various manners to condone a Alienation of Rights within a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth are also damaged. This has no effect on my heterosexual stance.

    The LAPD officers style themselves as heroes for attacking then President Ronald Reagan. They act on the belief that the San Francisco LGBTi community will insulate them. If any discussion of the defeat of Ronald Reagan begins this will set off a chain of events that will vindicate and establish a successful base of my claims.

    The model has antecedents in eternal law. This would then argue deviance from demonology. This states that there is a higher non-mechanistic substance or entity that is superior to evil. This entity usually engages is some type of End World Scenario (EWS) with the provocateur adversary, the root of evil. This is highly important in the history of LGBTi culture. The opposite is mechanism where all phenomena are reduced to physics with a scientific mathematical explanation.

    The former argues life forms created whole with some evolution possible the latter that life and humans are the product of periodization of elements.

    The LGBTi platform is being postulated as a form of new revelation or realization.

    The question of genetic criminality in LGBTi will be revisited. What is manifest is a RICO styled blackmail and extortion ring. This is a prisoner's dilemma based process is a huge catalyst for developing informants. This is also in direct polarization with citizenship and criminality. The argument for determinism or socialization and gender identity and criminality is raised. A very intriguing insight into state creation and war emerges through acts of marginalization to genocide. I support stances that gang creation are extensions of the police and military. Here in the United States this is consistent with the Mob – Gang – Stalking discussions that are ongoing by many victims of this behavior.

    II. Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing - Pre Gay Fascism

    A. State Planning and eugenics by de facto or criminal processes and structures.

    1. This runs parallel to real Gay Rights Movement degrading it.
    2. Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth tagged to Gay Triumphalism.

    The modern era of ideology, the 1900s onward discusses thinking between three polarities, liberalism, conservatism, and irrationalism. Liberalism seems concerned with an active state government, leveling by social programs, issues of diversity and human secularism.

    The conservatives are increasingly abandoning faith and social moralism in favor of neo-libertarianism. This presents lesser taxation and government. The issue of corporatism and capitalized for profit concerns emerges. Homeland security is increasingly emerging as the United States restructures itself after the 9-11 attacks.

    Irrationalism is a precursor to Fascism and Nazism. Here the state is an active instrument of class stratification. If irrationalism is protected by the intellectual classes it becomes fascist. There is a mixture of both state and private economic structures to support the interest of one class over the others.

    Here there is Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing. The provocateurs are recruiting informants to go on the attack. It appears the LGBTi architects are willing to purge lower class lupen or the criminal classes by first recruiting them and offering such up for prosecution or having such be eliminated in criminal gang structures which are re-emerging.

    LGBTi persons save for bisexuals do not reproduce. They must recruit to replenish their ranks. Conservatives do not wish to acknowledge this. Gay adoption, in vitro fertilization from sperm and egg banks brings eugenics towards a science. Gene splicing and cloning already occurs in animals.

    Crimes of blood or ad hominem attacks based on family and group ancestry are re-emerging. Srebrenica was a massacre of some 7,000 Muslim men who were protected by the Dutch. Their army contains same-sex soldiers. This issue has been discussed in March 2010 concerning same-sex soldiers in the United States.

    The authorship appears to have a methodology rooted in peerage or the rewarding of rights and privileges based on ancestry and nobility. This is also true for crimes planned against all classes of persons. This defines crimes of blood. One can be attacked at any stage of development from fertilization to one's deathbed. This creates an enormous amount of complicity. The externality is that such knowledge opens one up to delivering blackmail and extortion. This includes committing these acts against others. This reward – punishment process along with RICO behaviors opens the trajectory to the stalking activity which many are complaining about especially on the internet.

    It appears a simple Venn Diagram was used to model the Gay Irrationalist Model and the legitimate LGBTi same-sex marriage platform. If the Irrationalist Platform becomes strengthened without any check, it will crowd out the legitimate platform. This is especially damaging when the allegation is that Cambridge Law School and police officers are the authorship and delivery mechanism from within the state.

    The tagging of both platforms guarantees that for the legitimate side to prevail, an intervention is needed by LGBTi interests or other parties. I am the only writer to continuously create records from 1995 onward. Before this time I was hoping that I could simply ride the event out. I cleared any statute of limitations that could have existed. The corruption of the court system in my instance is 100 percent. I have filed at least twenty-six United States Federal Court Cases.

    This parallel trajectory is totally manifest as of this writing yet censorship and sanitization occurs with all United States Sworn officials. This de facto activity is destroying over two generations of officials. There ommisive and complicit behaviors should be prosecuted.

    B. Gay Triumphalism

    1. Gay Culture
        a. Celebratory of LGBTi lifestyle.
        b. No significant difference from heterosexual lifestyle. More hedonistic, liberal, secular, artistic.

    2. Gay Marriage
    a. Legal same-sex marriage
    b. This may mean marrying into a LGBTi family by a heterosexual.

    The concept of Gay Culture was constructed as an ends of the measure. If you refute their construction of Gay Culture you will refute the entire Holon 10 which is a reduction of MOEC. The perspective of Gay Culture as functional here radiates from same-sex practices. Overall I do not perceive any real differences between so called heterosexuality and homosexuality. LGBTi culture is a subculture with sexual behaviors differentiating this set from heterosexuality. The Gay Militancy is a COUNTER CULTURE. It is to the Gay Marriage Coalition to what the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was to the Democrats in the 1930s. This is a criminal militia with norms and values outside was is considered moral, legal, or civilized. Here again the mechanism is a purge of informants. Since it is driven by a LGBTi culture, a purge will result with Gay on Gay crime. The illusion of unity should be discarded. The conception that minorities will protect their own is not efficient. The authorship is criminal. It's preferences are LGBTi. This is essentially a male same-sex male culture with female same-sex female, lesbianism as a front. Notice that Gay cultures labels have evolved from HBT - GBLT – LGBT – LGBTi. The little i is stands for intrasex.

    The provocateurs are a Joe Virus. This is the recruitment of the criminal class as informants to disunity a culture. These first Gay Militants are heavily dependent on a culture of impunity orchestrated from above. The membership in the police are overrated. These persons would have a very difficult, almost impossible time of retaining employment without police interference and condonement by the courts, and professional classes in both the profit and non-profit sector.

    They are key driver in what some is being described as the Mob – Gang – Stalking culture.

    The study of criminology is a subsection of sociology. Here processes and structures outside the body shape the learning experience. This is argued as not dependent on genetic, drives, or tropic movements within the entity. Here the question of determinism re-emerges as the negative culture of stalking has clearly manifested with a tag of Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

    This is a double crime.

    I am clearly arguing from the heterosexual platform within my Vedic Gaudiya Faith. This is the orthodox perspective of Garbhadana Samskara. This the planned parenting process resulting in the procreation of spiritual offspring. The Gay Militancy is attempting to produce modern same – sex gurus and interpolating their position by stating that when you address such as prabhu or maharaj (master or great king) is a statement of agreeing with their position. This is a very strong indication of inauthenticity. A key hallmark of a lower level operative is having material handed off to them from police who are easily in the scapegoat category themselves.

    Any adversial setting will produce very strong records supporting my position on heterosexuality within my faith.

    Conversely this Joe Virus is blowing back against LGBTi leadership. This is currently the Campaign for Courage which is a coalition of Gay Marriage groups.

    It is apparent that Gay Marriage is the Strategic Mission for this mechanism of Cambridge Scholars at the current time. They will use various nom de guerre to disguise themselves. There is no doubt that if the United Kingdom is indeed truly involved you will discover these members that are lead ultimately by the Law School.

    One unique usage of the term Gay Marriage is for a heterosexual individual to marry in or be recruited into a marriage to same sex persons. This mechanism relies heavily on bisexual and lesbian females in the belief that they are more acceptable and safer to so-called mainstream values. I would concur with this in the concrete world. Stating such inequalities is not favored in the analytical world of science - social science. If the LGBTi platform is striving for equality contained within the evolution of their acronyms these abstract analytical arguments have to be presented as such. Things are not equal for me as I am the ground zero or target abscissa or origin although not the authorship as Origin. The topology is Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, LAPD, then local law enforcement and agents.

    The legitimate Gay Marriage coalition is international even though they pragmatically argue to win Gay Marriage state by state according to positive rights in a jurisdiction. An example is Maine. If one thinks that only citizens from Maine are going to attempt to affect the outcome this is naive. There are actors on the same-sex and opposite sex side as Mormons and Catholics who will oppose the Campaign For Courage who are leading the fight here in California but requested their followers to help in Maine first.

    In degree these actors oppose the Gay Triumphalist position.

    They are choosing legal primary rights. The problem is that no one from their paradigm has stepped forward to date to expose and neutralize the counter culture of Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing.

    This is no more than the recruitment of criminals as so-called rebels. Extra-legal violence is a counter culture not a subculture like being same-sex. These persons share the same basic values and behaviors as opposite sex persons. The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth imposed over my natural person will attack natural life, the environment, and any government or human structures erected by sane persons.

    This is a choice between civilization and counter culture extremists as the Nazis, Fascists, and Ku Klux Klan.

    LGBTi and same-sex intellectuals are to be watched because any attempt by such persons to sanitize this counter culture will be neo Fascist or new Fascism. Old Fascism is argued as a response to Communism. This is a mechanical argument and I will support a neo-Fascist Taxonomy.

    C. Gay Placement

    1. Overwhelming concern with who is more gay. More same sex behavior.

        2. Inferiority complex in males of white European descent. A desire to place Asians, Latinos ahead in same-sex behaviors.

    Here this concept is identity and behavior based. The behavioristic platform is simple and objective and is used by some researchers.

    If a same sex behavior is freely completed in a 6 month time period, then this individual is in the set of same sex practioners. The identity component is more difficult. If one has no overt manifest shared same sex behaviors, an example is an individual who is practicing celibacy but inwardly identifies oneself as same-sex, LGBTi than this appropriate. Here there is a problem because you will easily find persons that freely engage in same-sex within a 6 month frequency but consider themselves heterosexuals.

    Illegal electronic surveillance is widely used to gather data and implement behaviors. This is one of the more serious invasions of privacy. This is a huge constitutional -  real legal issue. The aperture of intrusion is more of a crime than a legal mechanism to prevent and/or apprehend criminals. I have been under intense 24/7 electronic surveillance by LGBTi militants.

    These persons are developing a Redherring-Strawman because I have zero same-sex behaviors. I am 100 percent within the heterosexual platform on the natural law level. The use asexuality is also being attempted in a confused manner to spread LGBTi identity.

    A more complex issue is spiritual identity. In Gaudiya Vaishnavism there is a dual Godhead with Krishna the Supreme Male and Radha the Supreme Female Figure. Radha is attended by sakhis and they are attended by manjaris. The sakhis and manjaris are all female and never appear much older than about 15 years of age.

    Sahijyas are the false line in Gaudiya Vaishnavism. They do not rigidly follow the shastras or scripture. Radha is the source of human emotions and her body is considered Maha Bhava. She alone experiences Great Ecstasy. The sakhis are then the source of human emotions and the manjaris aid them in rasa lila which is the Divine Love Affair between Krishna and Radha. The manifestation of the emotions of this Affair are the pinnacle of the faith - prema.

    Since Krishna is the only male in this lila (pastime), same sex practioners have interpolated that being a manjari equates to homosexuality.

    This is the position that I AM 100 PERCENT IN OPPOSITION TO.

    There is no new revelation on this point. Advocating this will destroy one in the mainstream Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. The totalitarianistic isolation of my person in part is to use my persecution as a front for the LGBTi same-sex platform. This is simply torture.

    Gay placement also involves a role call of the roster of persons entrapped according to their identity and practice within the LGBTi platform. This involves false sets. Hence a heterosexual can be placed as Gay by adding friends or other persons to set without any freely will identity or behaviors.

    This is also a signature of Gay Irrationalism.

    As seen this is driven at the present by white males of European descent. This may not always be true.

    Latinos, Asians, and Africans are also being incorporated.

    D. Gay Majors

    1. This is particularly centered around UC Berkeley with a planned Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

    2. Being a LGBTi college student. This includes the teaching of the history of MOEC and the Scorched Earth - Chemical Assault.

    Here we will examine an briefly examine an example from differential association and equivocation that is intentionally designed. This duplicity is incorporated and radiated informant to informant. This states that the Origin and authorship Cambridge Law School are informants also.

    Education is the key to perpetuating a culture. Here if Cambridge University is a key to the replenishing of this system and creating textbooks with Oxford, than promotion of students within their own paradigm is a key to success. Hence how many persons with Gay Placement are a major at any accredited college level program. I have personally completed my college level career with zero same-sex behaviors. I also have started and developed the entire powereality domain while in college. This began in 2001. This domain and subdomain is published by me personally and is subject to attacks and spurious editing. Hence a redherring-strawman.

    Here I am now working with a Droid phone as modem, Asus 1000he notebook, and solar panels in the desert. I was a straight 4.0 student ins Palos Verde Junior College over three courses. A sibling rivalry between cohorts under an unseen male and female father figure exists. This is the ideal figure in contrast to one's natural parents.

    The University of California is a target. The school has an excellent mythology regarding student activism. Like all good myths their reputation is based on true history and theatre. I have openly challenged the University of California in United States, California, Presidential, LGBTi histories, law, and the social sciences. The only question here is that I AM DOING SUCH. How well can I perform? It appears my opponents are in systematic pattern of defection waiting for a fast second strike.

    Here future college students will have to compare why no one especially sworn officials stepped forward, what they are learning, what is being proven and being falsified in a paradigm. This work is part of a challenge and the outline has been sent to the Barack Obama Whitehouse. I am one day older than Barack Obama.

    The actually naming of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization and the acronym of MOEC is not subject to falsification or relabeling by any scholar. This is the work of the Origin.

    A young high school student Phoebe Prince has just committed suicide after being stalked and bullied. Nine students at South Hadley High School, Massachusetts have been indicted. I am the most stalked person in the history of the United States.

    I have only gained a few pounds in weight and have increased my upper body strength. I am no longer able to run due to knee pain and lack of water. I use intermediate interval training to stay fit and am mostly vegetarian.

    An equivocation of Gay Major would by the obtaining of this rank as a command level officer in a formal military or paramilitary setting.

    Currently the Don't Ask – Don't Tell Policy is under review in the United States Armed Forces.

    E. Gay Miracle

        1. Eventually coming out gay late in one’s life.
        2. Extending the attempt to expand Gay Triumphalism.

    The ending of one's lifespan is conditioned over time to create an LGBTi individual. This has failed in my instance. I clearly argue from eternal, natural, and positive law in the abstract in support of heterosexuality. Here there is a use of electronic surveillance to aid in the outing of those who are not clear about their identity that was predicted. The culture at the present is twisted and duplicit. The police who are running this sting operation, which is a purge of informants, are dubious and semi-out.

    This whole complex is narcissistic and obsessed with find a front for persons who are LGBTi and engaged in systematic human rights abuses.

    I do not support outing in the main. If gender orientation occurs in a legal setting, it may be correct.

    There is no Gay Miracle in my instance.

    There is no Gay Triumphalism universally.


    The entire reduction of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC into a system of Holons as a template has to be put into prospective. Holon 10 is my particular refutation to MOEC. The acronym MOEC appears to have been derived from the Book of Moed a Jewish scripture. While researching this on the internet, data on Heinrich Himmler, who designed the gas chambers of the Holocaust, by hooking up hoses to the exhausts of truck was also linked. This source disappeared a few days later.

    The construction of what I am refuting appears as a collective emergent personality disorder. If these patterns are reduced to concepts of epistemology and object confusion over a Neo-Freudian Eros complex one will be able to discern how the individual and collective models were designed and fused into Racketeered and Influenced Corrupt Organization behaviors.

    These concepts are also discernible to DSM-IV standards in the United States.

    Overall the intent is driven by Male Same-Sex Males - MSM who wish to create a circular folly through double bind associations. Rationally homosexuality may refer to any level of same sex practices through what is now being discusses as LGBTi or Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and intrasex. This is contrasted by heterosexuality which is simply Opposite Sex.

    Irrationality rules the Holon System. it will debilitate a culture. It's prisoner's dilemma inner structure always divides instead of creating inner psychical or collective unity.

    Here the Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage.

    It should be stated simple and clear that my position is an interpretation of Gaudiya Vaishnavism from a ritvik platform. The Vedic Bible is the Bhagavad-Gita. I am using mostly Original Books of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He taught against homosexuality but accommodated a very large contingent of same-sex practioners. This basic perspectives of Vedic pro-creation should be understood.

    My preference would clearly be a heterosexual female. This is literal and unambiguous.

    An argument attempting to Gay Bait my person derives a Redherring - Strawman. This is a very strong indicator of a spurious presentation. I argue that this will turn into the classic model in logic, law, psychology, and philosophy coursework.

    The equivocation in the current zeitgeist is deliberate as the overall setting is a Systematic Pattern of Human Rights Abuse entangling the United States president. This is facilitated by the Holons which are no more than a blackmail and extortion ring.

    It appears a scripted narcissistic and inferiority is designed and radiated from the Origin which is Cambridge Law School. This is designed to be functional is criminal and civil courts under international, federal, and local rules as needed.

    The focus now is the documentation of sworn officers who are under the color of law. High officials as the president and cabinet should be prosecuted. California, Delaware. Maryland, Arizona, and New Mexico officials at the federal and state level are the most at risk. All sworn law officers are also dubious.

    Holon 10 is a capstone in the entire discussion of the history of the United States from the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution, June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware in continuo.

    Pontius Pilate Paradigm

    The next important pattern is the Pontius Pilate Paradigm. This model is based on the work of Caiphus, the high priest of the Sanhedrin. Pontius Pilate was the Roman Procurator whom Jesus was brought before. Caiphus wanted to eliminate both Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate. Jesus is entrapped with double bind arguments that he always took the bull by the horns and won.

    Jesus claimed that he could raise the Temple in three days. He was then considered a schismatic or apostate and brought before Pilate. Pilate announced that he had found Jesus innocent of the charge. He proclaims ecce homo - Behold the man!

    The crowd wishes for Jesus to be executed. Pilate asks the crowd on whether he should free Jesus. They respond with chants to crucify him. Pilate ritually washes his hand in the bowl. This is the most famous example of the fallacy ad populum.

    In degree the Holon will be used to shield a non-command level officers to entrap the Sovereign or Head of State.

    LAPD is now using the Pontius Pilate Paradigm to entrap command level authorities. Structurally people are defecting to officers with a rank lower than Lieutenant.

    The Mockingbird Defense

    The Mockingbird Defense is a model to designate the two authorities in MOEC. This is would be the two lead lawyers in Cambridge Law School that were the command authorities. This would be the head of the department and an associate. It is possible that the second was at times a Scotland Yard officer.

    They are identified as Man or The Hand, the leader, and the second is called the Little One.

    In defection in Prisoner's Dilemma these two persons may be considered the sovereign and subject. In degree by using the United States Constitution we may analyze how attachment of a de facto event as a crime against the law will destabilize the law until it collapses save a remedy.

    These two persons have re-enacted an scenario were The Hand questions The Little One as "Will you betray the United States?" The Little one responds in the affirmative.

    A concept of the Social Contract states the rights should be enumerated prior to a crime so that a citizen would no what he or she is permitted to think and do with the protection of the state and the consequences occurred.

    The sovereign is the head of state and can only be represented by itself and no other. Here the major conspiracy of MOEC was alleged to have been handed off from Scotland Yard to Los Angeles Police Department in the 1930s.

    This would appear as:

    Holon III - Prisoner's Dilemma with Two Hostages as a Shields - Here this pattern is repeated but at a level where two police officers appear as Number 3 with their wives as hostages. So there will be a number 2 on the left and right with two Number 3 who are police man. This is used to induce them to continue the relay or circular folly.

    The Hand is Number 4. The Little One is Number 3. Scotland Yard is 2. LAPD is the other number 2. I or a citizen am Number 1.

    MOEC is an illicit conspiracy that is essentially reverse social engineering. All United States laws proceed from the Constitution. Hence MOEC is attempting to transfer loyalty from the United States government and Constitution to itself. This is inclusive of the authorship. This The Hand and The Little One.

    Hence to defect to MOEC means to have a degree of allegiance to these two, especially The Hand. If you attack any part of MOEC by any means you are a threat to The Hand.

    My personal rights are guaranteed by The Bill of Rights. All my positive rights are retained as long as there is a United States. I would argue The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also protects me. (Natural rights are also possible as are spiritual. For this time we shall stick to positive or rights that are pursuable in a court.)

    Hence under escalation as what has occurred MOEC is going to postulate that I remain alive or protected by MOEC itself as it displaces the United States. One must remember that TPSys is the process of the Totalitarian Police and TPS is the equilibrium or the Totalitarian Police State achieved.

    To develop defection MOEC will attempt to give one deal or gift to every person alive. There are 6 billion persons living now. I have been told that there are 144,000 targets all over the world and I am the main or Ultimate Target. This is used to substitute substantitive rights.

    What will occur is in reduction is that Cambridge Law School and Scotland Yard are Number 1. The Delaware State Police and Baltimore Police Department are Number 2. The Baltimore Studio or The Studio are Number 3. In degree the remaining population are Number 4 with myself.

    In degree under defection all the people, I would say upwards of 90% are playing defection. This is sub-optimal and a very low Nash equilibrium that is not sustainable.

    If defection is to the rule of law and citizenship than I and the government would be stable. The fallacy here is that by gathering CITIZENS TO DEFECT SUCH BECOME INFORMANTS.

    MOEC is no more than a Purge of Informants.

    I have attempted to prosecute MOEC in Court. One may consult this site:

    Holon IV - Invertaebration with Number I attempting to challenge Number 4. The invertaebration of Holon 1 for simplicity was hope to be obtained. I believe and or attempted to create Holon 10. This is no more than using only non-violent legal means to prosecute MOEC and its agents.

    Hence we arrive at the artistic tyranny or the use of the Name Mockingbird Defense. By authoring the illegal defection as electronic surveillance, chemical assaults, and attacks by the population, The Hand and The Little One have to place themselves in my position. Citizenship is imposed over one by the legislature and signed into law by the head of state.

    If LAPD or anyone else attack me they are also attacking The Hand and The Little One.

    The Hand is analogy to several events historically, God and the  the unseen hand in The Wealth On Nations are two. Man can represent Mankind as Adam and Eve from the Christian Bible. The Little One represent Native Indigenous Peoples of the world. This is due to the avenging nature of MOEC. There is a foil of rectifying past abuse to this group. I usually end up writing near American Indian peoples (Paiute 6-30-07). It is absurd to argue that scorched could aid anyone.

    I have sent a twenty page version of The Virus to several federal courts. This was supposed to be my year 2000 contribution.

    MOEC has attempted to marginalize my opportunities essentially by destroying the environment and gaining defection by corrupting a willing population

    After twenty years of survival we are existing the subcomponent Radanatha since 2-13-07. The closing of the event as of a trichotomy has occurred. We are in the Third Act or stage now.

    So in degree my rights are retained but my environment is contaminated. One of the mission goals of MOEC is Gay Rights of which it and its agents are the worst thing to occur for this social movement.

    I am a lifelong heterosexual and am presenting such as part of a baseline for sustainable culture.

    Holon X - A unique discovery in the strategic mission of MOEC occurred on May 30, 2009. This is the template of Gay Triumphalism that was developed by the authorship in Cambridge Law School and handed off to lower hierarchies especially the legitimate Gay Rights Movement hence LGBTi. In degree irrationalism is the the ideology that spawns Nazism and Fascism. Here Cambridge by pairing criminal events to constitutional events clearly demonstrates it's irrationalist platform. In the present instance we will deal only with chemical assault.

    In a concept of state engineering Cambridge Law School probably around the 1930s incorporated the Gay Rights Movement that was already beginning elsewhere in Europe. Here targeted chemical assaults were placed over various person's genealogies as well as objects of food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction.

    This planning was handed off to Scotland Yard and LAPD.

    Here we can easily see that gay couples can not reproduce naturally. The gays need to recruit. In degree alienation of my rights was planned on June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

    I am a lifelong heterosexual with zero same sex or MSM (male same sex male) contacts. In essence I had to be a gay or married to a bisexual or lesbian female to avoid being alienated in the in continuo chemical assault.

    I am also a Hare Krishna in the ritvik line of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He did not promoted LGBTi as Vedic.

    Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing exists in a parallel trajectory with the LGBTi movement. The deification of homosexuality in imitation of Sri Krishna who is the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead, hence the Overman – Superman is a template for Gay Triumphalism. Triumphalism in it's negative is an ethnocentric glorification of a final or coming victory of one's religion, group, culture, social model, and here sexual orientation.

    The planners in Cambridge Law School embraced a form of Gay Triumphalism and this was embodied in a culture of Gay Militants in LAPD. This was exemplified by the attack on then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

    One can note that the Artificial Cell Virus of MOEC is embedded in Gay Irrationalism. This is a sophisticated systems approach structure derived from prisoner's dilemma. It is probable that most researchers would only be able to discern this as a mutation of a Nash Equilibrium. This is profound for even Game Theory but permits elements of the defection to be picked up and restored from other plans that have been safe-housed elsewhere.

    So there are systems effects since the manifest Chemical Assault that are that emanate from Gay Irrationalism-Gay Know Nothing negatively transforming the LGBTi movement along nodes that derive from Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, and LAPD. This would dictate a yield of Gay Fascist from an apologist position. Hence intellects appear who help obstruct justice and censorship.

    Gay Triumphalism is a subset in the LGBTi movement. Many gay rights activist reject such for the achievement of positive gay rights as marriage.

    In the construction of a systematic analysis of MOEC. The Refutation of Gay Triumphalism is truly Holon 10.

    Holon 11

    I have decided to write a Holon 11. Overall it is really 10.1. It is a Vedic refutation that LGBTi or homosexuality exists in the Vaikunthas or heavenly planets. This is to develop ideas of sac cit ananda or eternity, bliss and knowledge and siddha svarupa. In the Vedic perspective one has a siddha deha or eternal form in the service of Radha Krishna. This body is sac cit ananda. It is also reflects one's spiritual identity. It is non-material and non-mechanistic. This form pertains to one's rasa or devotional mood. In particularity is madhurya rasa which is the mood of the gopi's or the handmaidens in the service of Srimati Radharini.

    Krishnanusilanam or Krishna Culture can be used to establish a sound refutation of both heterosexual and homosexual variations of the LGBTi platform Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, intrasex as having spiritual substance in Vaikuntha or the Spiritual Planets.

    It has been clear that the Governing Board Commission of ISKCON has not supported Gay Monogamy as presented by Hridayananda das goswami. In degree this also would include legal same sex marriage. In the United States Proposition 8 in California which defines marriage as only between one man and one woman has been overturned and is on appeal.

    Krishna is full in six opulences, name, fame, strength, beauty, power, and renunication. He never leaves Goloko Vrindavana and is identical with his paraphernalia. As such as saktiman he is male. He is adi purusum or original enjoyer. His Hadlini Sakti is Srimati Radharini who body is composed of Maha Bhava. Srimati Radharini is attended by handmaidens as sakhis who are attended by manjaris. Most living entities are manjaris. These handmaidens are virginal females who never mature into adulthood.

    All living entities have an original constitution of sac cit ananda or bodies of eternity, bliss, and knowledge. The realization of Krishna Consciousness is to learn one’s siddha deha or spiritual form.

    There are imitators of Krishna’s pastimes who are called Prakrita Sahijaya. Prakriti means nature. Sani Sahijaya are those that equate mundane sex life as homosexuality or heterosexuality to be rasa lila.

    It is clear that Radha’s relationship with her female gopis as sakhis and manjaris is not contaminated by lesbianism or bisexuality. Any person claiming this is committing maha aparadha. Anyone considering Krishna’s Rasa dance as mundane heterosexuality is also committing injury. Bhaktivinoda states that we should not be ashamed of Krishna’s relationship with Radharini. These acts reflect the performance of the summon bonum and are completely to hear or meditate on.

    Here LGBTi interests are stating that these virginal figures are having bisexual sex. This is called sani sahijaya. This is a rasa lila imitation where mundane sexual activity as homesex acts. i.e. fellatio, anal sex, hand to genital stimulation are passed off as spiritual acts of the manjaris. This is a VERY SERIOUS aparadha. These acts are not Garbhadana samskara but varna samskara.

    LAPD is attempting to pass this off behind GALVA - the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association headed by Amara das Willheim.

    Hridayananda  das goswami is used to front the Gay Monogamy issue. Both of these figures and their positions are well known. I do not support either of the positions.

    I do support that LGBTi persons should have a place in the congregation and darshan of the deities in the temple.


    His divine grace

    GBC Thoughts on….

    While the sastric conclusions about homosexuality are eternal truths and the ultimate source of our knowledge, it is clear that some have difficulty applying this knowledge to their daily lives, and others also experience difficulty understanding it in a practical and compassionate way. The GBC recognizes these challenges, and suggests that rather than trying to adjust sastric teachings or Srila Prabhupada’s definition of those teachings, we should simply endeavour to purify ourselves of all our various inebriety’s that are obstacles in achieving the ultimate goal of human life.

    In this regard, Srila Prabhupada writes,

    “When the earthen pot is used for a wrong purpose, that is false. Similarly, the human body or the material world, when used for sense gratification, is false. But if the human body and the material creation are used for the service of the Supreme Lord, their activities are never false. It is therefore confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita that even slightly using the body and the material world for the service of the Lord can deliver a person from the gravest danger.”

    (KRSNA Book, Prayers of the Personified Vedas)

    In conclusion, Krsna gives us the highest encouragement to continue on the path of devotional service, despite our inabilities to embrace and apply transcendental knowledge purely and perfectly:

    “Having awakened faith in the narrations of My glories, being disgusted with all material activities, knowing that all sense gratification leads to misery, but being unable to renounce all sense enjoyment, My devotee should remain happy and worship Me with great faith and conviction. Even though he is sometimes engaged in sense enjoyment, My devotee knows that all sense gratification leads to a miserable result, and he sincerely repents such activities.”

    SB 11.20.27-28


    To be continued...

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